SCORA (Standing Committee on Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV/AIDS) of CIMSA UPH focuses on the field of reproductive health, such as - HIV/AIDS - sexually transmitted diseases - gender issues - sex education - family planning. SCORA CIMSA UPH is led by the Local Officer on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS. SCORA CIMSA UPH had had quite a number of activities related to their topics. “The only way of fighting AIDS is through prevention and the only way of prevention is through education”



“The Standing Committee on Public Health works towards ensuring a healthy global society that is empowered through its knowledge, skills and opportunities to live a life of complete physical, mental and social well-being.”


In order to work towards our vision, we promote community based outreach activities at a local level, which are inspired by the best practice within our federation and through the development of our own skills and potentials, as medical students and future health professionals; we voice our actions together through the powers of advocacy. Our core purposes and values include Disease prevention within our society, Health promotion and education within our society, Raising awareness about Global Public Health issues within medical students and our society, Advocating for health policies as the voice of worldwide medical students, Developing skills and knowledge of medical students as the future health professionals, Working as an international team and collaborating with external public health organisations to use the potential of over one million worldwide medical students. ​

The Scope of SCOPH

  • Health Promotion
  • Social and Environmental Determinants of Health (SDH
  • Universal Health Coverage
  • Health in All Policies (HiAP)
  • Global Health, International Health and Public Health


  • Tobacco
  • Obesity and diabetes
  • Tuberculosis
  • Malaria
  • The health of children and adolescents
  • Mental health
  • And also: cancer, alcohol abuse, eye health,
    blood donation, organ donor, aging, health on the trip,
    the remote health, environmental health,
    and SCOPH exchange

Each standing committee in CIMSA was created in purpose of achieving the vision and mission of CIMSA itself, which is to empower medical students and improve nation's health. One of them is SCOPH, Standing Committee On Public Health. SCOPH was established in 1952 by medical students of International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA). Its main purpose is to improve society's vigilance and knowledge of public health, and improve medical students' awareness about public health related issues. For this reason, member of SCOPH should develop skills and knowledge such as organisation skills, teamwork, leadership, communication skill, time and self management. These are significant skills for medical workers although it is not taught formally in schools. Through events held by SCOPH, its members will improve their skills and broaden their knowledge related to public health. Moreover, being a member of SCOPH will let medical students get involved in empowering medical students and improving nations health, also directly get involved in worldwide good health with previously trained skills in hand. Orange hugs, SCOPHeroes! :)


Hello! First things first, so what is SCORE? SCORE or Standing Committee on Research Exchange is one of six standing committees of CIMSA, in accord with IFMSA which is also consisted of the same six standing committees. SCORE focuses on research and research-based exchange among medical students, especially among IFMSA’s members. SCORE provides the opportunity for medical students to do researches inside their country, as well as abroad through exchange.

So, why research? And better yet, why research exchange? Research holds a significant role in medical world. For examples, research is used to test new medications, new drugs, it’s used to determine the prevalence of a disease in a region or a country, to determine the epidemiology of a disease, etc. These information are very important to determine the right way to prevent diseases, to find new cure to diseases that can’t be cured before, and so on. These things won’t be possible without research. Meanwhile research exchange will give the opportunity to gain knowledge about disease or condition in different country, for each country has different conditions and specific diseases.

SCORE aims to enable medical students to learn the basic principles of research so they can do their own research, thus enriching their medical knowledge, and also to widen the horizons of medical students, providing opportunity for them to learn medicine from difference approach. SCORE also aims to create international network of medical students to promote intercultural communication and global friendship through research. So, if you’re interested in research, don’t hesitate, join the SCOREPUBLIC!


SCORP (Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace) of CIMSA UPH is concerned about defending human rights, especially vulnerable people's rights to health and building peace. SCORP CIMSA UPH is led by the Local Officer on Human Rights and Peace. The main tasks of SCORP is to facilitate members about current human rights conditions and peace issues in Indonesia and other countries. SCORP members’ purpose is not only to be competent in medicine, but also use that knowledge in helping people whose rights to health have been compromised. SCORP UPH lives by the main principle set by IFMSA, as quoted “We are committed to promoting human rights and peace and as future health care professionals we work towards empowering and improving the health of refugees and other vulnerable people”


The International Day of Peace, which annually observed on 21st of September, is an important day to be remembered and celebrated, especially for peace enthusiasts such as SCORP members (scorpions). It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence.The day was first celebrated in 1982, and is kept by many nations, political groups, military groups, and people. In 2013, for the first time, the Day was dedicated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to peace education. The Day can also be a mean to celebrate the importance of peace between people around the living environment. Without peace, the world will be in chaos and many people will live in anxiety, fear, hatred, and spite. Unfortunately, nowadays, peace seems to be harder to achieve and slowly be forgotten, especially by people who are egoistic. In order to keep this awareness, SCORP is providing a free 'shake hand' booth for CIMSA UPH members and also other UPH medical students to help campaigning the international peace day 2014. Shaking hands can be interpreted in many ways. However, globally, this gesture is a symbol of keeping peace between each other (if faced in a conflict). Here, the participants can also pray for the world's or nation's peace or just simply apologize to the people around them (e.g. family, friends, etc) by writing their wishes in a piece of paper and put it in the 'peace box' provided. In the end of this campaign, SCORP hopes that the booth will help in raising awareness among the participants of the importance of peace between humans and of course, in their own hearts.


SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchange) Indonesia was established in 2001. SCOPE, led by the NEO (National Exchange Officer), is the only organization that manages the biggest medical student exchange in Indonesia. Each year, we facilitate approximately more than 200 outgoing and incoming exchange students.

The biggest fieldwork of SCOPE is managing Incomings and Outgoings. For Incomings, SCOPE helps foreign students who want to experience clinical clerkship in hospitals or teaching hospitals in Indonesia through administration procedures as well as helping the exchange student to adapt during the period of his/her clerkship in Indonesia. SCOPE also engages foreign students to participate in cultural and social activities, as a way to introduce all aspects of life in Indonesia.

For the Outgoings, SCOPE CIMSA facilitates Indonesian medical students who have the interest and ability to experience clerkship abroad by helping with the processing of the documents and administration required by the destination country that we already have contract with in accordance with the regulations.


Medical education is one of the most important things that contribute on the formation of future doctors. Due to these needs, SCOME is then formed by IFMSA to specifically and directionally learn and improve the quality of medical education.

SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education) CIMSA is one of the Standing Committee which deals with the development of medical education programs in Indonesia, as well as a forum for Indonesian medical students to develop knowledge and skills in medical area. SCOME CIMSA tries to increase medical student’s participation and at the same time improves medical student’s innovation and creativity through variety of projects and activities that are held.

SCOME CIMSA UPH has tried as much as possible to improve medical student’s education. One of the events that are held by SCOME CIMSA UPH is Career Day which aims to broaden medical student’s future perspective so we can choose our own pathway in medical profession based on passion and become doctor that not only work for living, but as something that we enjoy the most so we can give back optimal contribution to the community.

Thus, are you interested to be one of us? Join immediately and be our family’s member soon.